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Welcome To IUDA Travel

IUDA Private Travel & Entertainment Club is a premier membership for individuals who want to save money. Our Affiliate Partner Program allows you to market our membership travel & entertainment website, where our members save 25%-60% off retail rates. These prices are wholesale rates not available to the public. Discounts are for Hotels, Car Rentals, Movies, Theme Parks, Water Parks, Concerts, Sporting events, Broadway Shows and Shopping.

We are not just a travel & entertainment membership but giving inside tips & techniques to negotiate & save money.


Give your customers an opportunity to save over $100,000 or more?

Along with the membership, you will be offering as an incentive the awarding-winning digital book IF U DON’T ASK, a $40 value for only $5; this book can save consumers $100,000 or more. You can receive an IUDA membership for only $30 when you become an affiliate and a free digital copy of IF U DON’T ASK. This is our way of helping you understand our service.

There are a lot of affiliate programs to choose from; that is why we offer the best-in-class commission structure. We offer $44.50 or 50% commission on paid annual memberships for every new member you bring in through your unique affiliate link. Residual income: Once you have brought in a new member and that member renews their paid annual membership, you get paid $44.50 or 50%!

It even gets better! If you want a friend to join as an affiliate you will receive 5% of the gross sale for every sale they make. This is only one level. This is just another way for you to make more money and help others!


Saving Money on Travel & Entertainment just got a whole lot easier!

If U Don’t Ask (Digital)
If U Don’t Ask (Paperback)
IUDA Private Travel & Entertainment Membership

Example of Bonus’s

   + 1000 sold $1000

   + 2500 sold $3000

   + 5000 sold $10,000

   + 10,000 sold Mercedes-Benz C Class or $40,000

   + 25,000 sold Mercedes-Benz EQS or $100,000

*This is not in a year but when you hit those numbers. It could be 1 month or 15 months.

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